One of the highlights…if not the highlight!!!! … of Friday’s NEMO: New Media, Modern Democracy conference was a video presentation put together by Howard Nothhaft and Hagen Schölzel, describing their research project, Swarming for Democracy – A New Culture in Political Communication?

Unbelievably, it appeared to contain a clip of “Defence minister Karl Theodor zu Guttenberg’s military farewell from office with full military honors by Germany’s military brass band and Berlin’s guard battalion, playing ‘Smoke on the Water’ by Deep Purple.” Unless Howard and Hagen are truly brilliant hoaxsters, here’s the YouTube proof!

Elsewhere this week, Melissa Kit Chow unveiled Like-A-Hug, her new wearable social media device recently, which lets users physically feel when their friends “like” what they do. Chow worked with Andy Payne and Phil Seaton in the MIT Media Lab to create the puffy vests, which inflates when someone likes something you do on Facebook. The wearer is feels a soft squeeze and can check to see who gave them a hug. If the “liker” is also wearing a vest, the “likee” can return a hug by squeezing the vest and both people can feel the love.

PS: “I like to have opinions….” (Dilbert)

The new academic year starts here. Perhaps you are just starting and will be meeting lots of new people, perhaps you are getting used to the idea that working life is just nine months away…

Either way it is quite likely that other people might want to find out a bit more about you – perhaps even to give you a job. And the chances are they will go online, and possibly Google your name.

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If a potential employer Googled you, would they be impressed?

It is well worth spending time polishing your online reputation. Although you probably won’t be able to match Neville Hobson’s LinkedIn page, you might learn some lessons from his post Make your LinkedIn story a compelling one.

For some down to earth, easy to read advice, you could do worse than read Personal Reputation Management, by Louis Halpern and Roy Murphy. Download the first chapter: Personal-Reputation-Management-Chapter-1

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