Further desperate attempts to come to grips with postmodernism. I KNOW I’M 25 YEARS LATE! Resorting to reading blogs. Ended up on a blog titled vera icona. Studying “capitalism, postmodern apocalypse and the love of god”. Stumbled. Upon this.











Something significant here. Profound insight about the postmodern condition; probably. Or the post-postmodern condition; more likely. JUST CAN’T PUT MY FINGER ON IT! Is there a connection with university education, maybe? Philip, can’t you do something about David Bowie?






And here is the reason why Bettina Wulff is suing Google RIGHT NOW. In case you wondered. The rumours have been around since 2006.

Autobiography out right now. Don’t buy it. You can borrow it from my mother later. Just savour the elegant execution of one of the oldest PR-tricks in the box. It makes my eyes water. It’s wonderful. It’s like a comeback of Engelbert Humperdinck.

Be aware that the tattoo divided the country. It’s a subtle form of defiance, too.