Millennials: They’re like pets that work (sometimes) …

University-staff now receives training on how to deal with the current generation of students, code-named: the ‘millennials’. I received 480,5 hours of training in two days, for example. Must say: found it extremely helpful. Want to share some of the videos we watched (now out on VHS):

Ah, yes. Apparently, these so-called ‘millennials’ have used their social media skills to produce a counter-video that ridicules our staff training. Haha, very funny.

BTW, The guy is never a real millennial, he must be at least 30, don’t ya think?!?

No, honestly. I wonder how many careers have suffered from inter-generational misunderstanding. Certainly mine. I never seem to get students to do what I want them to do. But then: I’m not a Baby Boomer, I’m Generation X. (How do I know? Simple test: To be Generation X, you need to have seen this video on television – and without historical interest. Ach, poor Whitney. RIP)

Here’s a good article: “Teaching Generation Me” by Jean Twenge who has written about a million pieces on the subject. Here’s the cliffhanger: Confidence does not predict success. More about this later.

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