The Spin Crowd

I know I’m three years late but: yup, this is my new favourite series. “The Spin Crowd” – produced amongst others by Kim Kardashian – is a painstakingly researched documentary about the realities of PR.

This is a must-see for every serious student of communication. Debunking the myth. Setting the record straight. Telling it all. While cruising down Rodeo Drive.

Never before have we been given a more comprehensive picture of what communication is about. Here you get the answers. To the big questions. The ones that keep the pros awake at night.

Why are people just OVERAWED when I tell them that I work with PR?

– Why does PR make the world a SOOO much better place?

– Where does my Master degree in Strategic Communication take me?

Available now. Thank you, youtube. Thank you for all eight episodes. This is Season 1. Sadly the series was discontinued. There is no Season 2.

Please watch the first episode.Treat yourself to 21 minutes of fast-paced action, brilliant dialogue.

And understand why I’m getting my lips done. RIGHT NOW.

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