Lecture in Vienna: “The unsuspected in public communication”


This week, I started my term as a visiting fellow at the University of Applied Arts Vienna. That’s the place where Robert Pfaller, the discoverer – or inventor? – of interpassivity, holds the chair of philosophy of arts. So my time there is part of the research project I recently announced in this weblog.

wienMy first ‘official’ commitment this Wednesday was to hold a guest lecture about “The unexpected in public communication”. My contribution was part of a series of lectures about “The unexpected” organized by Pfaller this summer. Although the general subject is a quite philosophical one, I was invited to speak about surprising or irritating phenomena in the world of public communication:  faked websites and mass media, media piracy or clowns armies, graffiti in public spaces – things I worked on for my PhD-thesis on “guerilla communication”.

It was an interesting experience to discuss with an audience accustomed to philosophical debate about cultural phenomena. Surprising detail from my point of view: My presentation was received as very ‘scientific’ in style when compared to the more narrative forms established in philosophy! The very first time I got such an appraisal…

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