The Climate-Warriors, Part 6

Global Warming is Baloney

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Climate Change

The Climate Warriors

How industry-financed PR managers trick the world into believing that global warming is a fake. Chronology of an organized lie.

By Anita Blasberg und Kerstin Kohlenberg (translated by endofthelesson)

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The Climate-Warriors, Part 6

In Europe only, climate sceptics are still on the defensive. Fred Singer, the by now 88 year old salesman of doubt, regularly flies over the Atlantic these days, especially to Germany. Here, most people still believe in the findings of science. Singer wants to change that.

In September 2010, he was guest of the German liberal party (FDP) at the Bundestag. The spokeswoman of the conservative Christian Democratic Union (CDU), Mrs. Marie-Luise Dött, seemed to be impressed afterwards. According to several newspapers she said:  ‘I find your remarks very illuminating, Professor Singer.’ The question now would be how ‘we can bring politics onto a new course’. Sceptics need ‘majorities in society’.

Later CDU officials claim the spokeswoman was misquoted. But for Singer it could not have worked out better.

torchesoffreedom: The maneuver is a simple but forceful one. You invite a sceptic of questionable scientific reputation. He spreads the word that all is a hoax. A rank and file politician approves of what has been said and gives his prompt denial the following day. But the signal for all those who want to believe in the story of global warming baloney is clear: “Do not bow to the power of facts!” Morano and his warriors thereby stockpile the arsenal of deception, everywhere.

And it does not take long until the movement of climate sceptics gains momentum in Germany, too. Already in 2006, Germany’s 2nd biggest energy producer RWE, claimed in a lawsuit with Greenpeace that climate change was just an ‘individual perception of a hypothetical danger, which is not present nor palpable.’ Just one year before, an American PR-Counselor penned a strategy paper for RWE on how to fight the energy turn. His advice was to ‘forge coalitions with other corporations’ – and to learn from people like Marc Morano.

At the beginning of 2012, former social democratic politician Fritz Varenholt, who by then was member of the board of RWE Innogy, a subsidiary of RWE, published a book titled: ‘The Cold Sun’. Varenholt does not claim that climate researchers are liars but he suggests they are just not as smart as him. The truth is, so he says, that global warming happens at a much slower pace than assumed. He himself, Varenholt, discovered this.

When the book is published, Germany’s leading tabloid newspaper ‘BILD’ starts a series titled ‘The CO2 Lie’. Varenholt is interviewed in the nation’s most important political magazine Der Spiegel. ZEIT dedicates a cover story to him. TV and radio stations invite him for discussions.

torchesoffreedom: Once more, it is important to remember why this scheme works again and again. It is easy to sow the seeds of doubt. Because you do not have to provide facts, you just have to challenge the facts of your opponents. And with such a complex process of global warming, there are always some facts that can be challenged, and true scientists would even approve of doing so. And, secondarily, it works because many people want to believe. Global warming is not only a matter of politics. It is a matter of everyone’s responsibility that affords us to change our way of life.

Source: – The CO2-Lie. Renowned team of researchers claims: Die climate catastrophe is political fear-mongering.

On the September, 20, 2012, Varenholt speaks in the Frauenkirche in Dresden. ‘I have happy tidings for you,’ he says. ‘For 14 years in a row now global temperature has not increased, and furthermore the sun is cooling down. So temperatures will fall.’ Then he shouts into the auditorium: ‘The famous hockey stick – wrong measurements!’

endofthelesson: If you want to check for yourself whether this is true use the various sources of hard data available. All the data included in the 2009 Assessment Report, ample to judge Mr. Varenholt’s claims, you find here:

Nasa, in any case, provides the following graph. Click on the image to access the site:

Global Temperature

In the audience: mostly pensioners in expensive trekking jackets who approvingly nod their heads. ‘The End of Certainty’ is the name of the series of events, organized by the state chancellery of Saxony. This evening, Varenholt is presented as a researcher, an expert on climate issues, an environmental politician and as manager and author. But no one mentions that he represents a maverick opinion. Journalists have panned his book as a populist piece of writing of a layman.

Only some students in the audience ask critical questions. But for every argument, Varenholt has the right counter, a study, each thesis comes with an appropriate number. Whether the studies and numbers he presents are serious science, that remains unanswered. At the end of the day the image remains that his critics down there are just a bunch of oddballs. He appears to be a man of clear thought and understanding.

The day Varenholt speaks in Dresden, it is exactly 14 years since Michael Mann and his colleagues published  their ‘hockey stick chart’. Since then, the yearly worldwide emission of carbon dioxide has risen by more than 40%.

torchesoffreedom: The audience in that discussion, mostly pensioners, only some students, shows that climate change is not only and issue between rich and poor, mass production and sustainable production. It is also an issue between old and young. The generations of the Western post world war II societies have worked hard for decades (or so they think). And now they do not want to change their way of life. And let us be honest: the outcome of climate change will not affect them anymore. So here is a critical insight for all of us, even for those who are still young today: With processes of such a great magnitude, skeptics will always try to tell you that there is nothing you can do about it, and that it won’t affect you anyway. But climate change is no matter of personal opinion. It concerns all of us. Can we risk to sit down, and go on as if nothing has happened? For the sake of our children and grandchildren: NO!

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