Don’t go to Britain…it’s wet, horrible and there are no jobs

border-control Most PR campaigns stress the positives, and that is especially true when the objective is to promote a country. Here’s an example from Visit Britain, painting a very tempting picture of Jersey. Look at the blue skies and golden beaches!

But, listen carefully, and you will hear the presenter explain that Jersey is great for a short break. You are welcome to stay a few days, and spend some money…. but please don’t stay too long.

Tourists are fine, but the UK Government is apparently less thrilled by the prospect of Bulgarians and Romanians, attracted by the land of hope and glory image created by the Olympics, deciding to exercise their new rights as EU citizens to move to Britain to find work.

No, no, this calls for a different type of campaign, informing Eastern European non-holidaymakers that the UK is cold and miserable, and the job prospects are dismal as the weather.

The Guardian asked readers to help by designing their own posters to put people off visiting….

come here

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