The Climate-Warriors, Part IV

Global Warming is Baloney

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Climate Change

The Climate Warriors

How industry-financed PR managers trick the world into believing that global warming is a fake. Chronology of an organized lie.

By Anita Blasberg und Kerstin Kohlenberg (translated by torchesoffreedom)

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The Climate-Warriors,  Part 4

While Mann and the other scientists in the World Climate Council work free of charge, the Heartland Institute writes in an internal budgetary plan for 2012, which was leaked to the media recently, about Fred Singers association NIPCC: “We currently support the NIPCC, to undermine the official report of the World Climate Council of the United Nations. We have paid a team of writers, to work on a series of publications.”

And furthermore the institutes paper says: “Our current budget includes the support of persons with  high levels of publicity, who regularly object the alarmist’s statements concerning climate change. Right now, this support goes to Craig Idso (11.600 Dollar per month), Fred Singer (5.000 Dollar per month) and Robert Carter (1.667 Dollar per month).

From 1997 to 2004 alone, the oil and gas industry has invested 420 Million dollars in the manufacturing of doubt.

At the end of 2007, the World Climate Council is awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace. But in America, there’s no longer any talk of bipartisan consensus or joint legislation for the protection of the climate. On the contrary: Michael Mann finds himself again on the dock in Washington. “Open questions concerning the hockey stick”, is the hearing entitled, to which, this time, the Energy Commission invites him. Mann knows, there are no open questions, his results are undeniable. Nevertheless, he is nervous.

torchesoffreedom (aka intheloop): An important part of the strategy is to repeat dissent on climate change in public, over and over again. As with casting doubts on the reputation of spearheading persons like Mann, it sooner or later also has a lasting effect on the issue climate change itself. It does not really matter if the doubts you raise on climate change are qualified or not. Permanent repetition alone will make enough people think, that they might be. And that is all you need to change facts into beliefs.

In front of Rayburn House, seat of the House of Representatives, stand the broadcast vehicles of all major broadcasting stations. Mann climbs the stairs, cameraman accompany him, journalists with microphone and voice recorder. Mann just became father for the first time, his contract with the university is still reprieved. For the first time in his life, he contacted a lawyer. It is not only about science any more. It is about his existence.

The hearing lasts three hours. A statistician who had nothing to do with climate research yet, describes Mann as the stringpuller of an international conspiracy, a former industry consultant accuses Mann to have been working flawed.

torchesoffreedom: The anti-climate-warriors play a dirty game by forcing Mann into public. Knowing that he is no professional on the public stage, they intentionally try to cast a shadow on Mann’s general reputation. Even though a public appearance in front of a committee tells you nothing about his work as a scientist, he doesn’t look good while trying to repel the attacks of his “critics”. It is a well proven wisdom, that attack is the best defense.

While Mann tries to stave off the attacks, Marc Morano follows the play in the auditorium. He knows: If he finishes Mann and the hockey stick, he finishes the World Climate Council. Then he settles once and for all every possible legislation that could increase the prices for burning oil, coal or gas.

As the hall gets empty, Morano approaches Mann. With a smile he reaches out his arm, Mann politely shakes hands. Until today, Morano needs to laugh while thinking of that scene: “He didn’t even know who was standing in front of him.”

Finally, the hearing reveals no new facts. The American Geophysical Union, the American Meteorological Society and 30 other scientific associations support Mann in the following days. But doubt remains.

When Mann recalls the hearing in his office at the Pennsylvania State University today, he needs to take a deep breath. Now he knows who Marc Morano is. “These people are cynics”, he says. “I know that Morano does not mean it personally. He just wants to frighten me. He wants to frighten a whole discipline.”

torchesoffreedom: With the public opinion concerning climate change wavering, scientists endanger themselves by supporting Mann. Because the message send by such hearings is simple: Everyone can be the next Michael Mann. Because prosecution will always find some bribed witnesses with an artificial credibility to oppose valid arguments in public. The following video shows an example. Pay attention to the setting and the structure of argument deployed by the so called “expert” Christopher Monckton.

The Fox-News-Mechanism works with a frightening vigour. Just tell the people, that you are just telling the other side of the story, and people will believe that there is another side of the story.

Mann speaks quietly, his face is pale. He turns 47 in December, but he still possesses the timidity of a man, who feels more comfortable in a lab than among people.

Michael Mann likes to wander around in the forests of Pennsylvania, he likes the quietness of the little university town State College, where he lives together with his wife, a biologist. He likes, that the energy in his little house is produced by wind power.

“Have you ever heard of the Serengeti-Strategy?”, Mann asks. “The predators in the Serengeti hunt their prey by separating one individual from the heard, and when they have isolated it, then they kill it.”

torchesoffreedom: By the way, this Serengeti-Strategy is not only used by corporate communications and highly paid PR consultants. Targeting the most prominent organization or corporation also works for NGOs, as a case study of students of the Tuck School of Business at Darthmouth College , shows. Here you find their case study “Starbucks and Global Exchange: A Socially Responsible Challenge”.

End of Part IV. Stay tuned.


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