Welcome to 2013…

OK, it’s January 7 so you have had time to break all your New Year’s resolutions. Time to get serious and set another one…

Try this: In 2013 I will work hard to improve my online reputation. It will help me get a better job. And just might be fun, too.

Hopefully, SK Uncut will bring some tips and tricks, and commenting her might drive traffic to your blogs, or help you gain Twitter followers. You could start by following @SKUncutChbg and liking the SK Uncut Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/SKUncutCHbg (don’t worry, you don’t have to be friends with us to join!).

Here are a few links to get you thinking….

And here’s a thought-provoking article about BuzzFeed… Big implications for PR if it takes off in Europe? More power to brand journalism? Will advertorial become respectable????


One for the musicians amongst you…

1 comment
  1. That first one is the best social media video I’ve seen in years. And it’s probably better researched than most.

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