Dammsugare: Is it science? At least it’s done in a lab.

I’ve been told the word ‘dammsugare’ attracts attention in Sweden because it denotates not only a vacuum cleaner but something sweet to eat and green to the eye. An extra-large one is awarded to every teacher on finishing a course in Philosophy of Science. Which brings me to the topic. Emelie Höög, Master student in Strategic Communication (and very much afflicted by some unspecified course in PhiloScience) shares this award-winning campaign video for Electrolux (of ‘nothing sucks like an Electrolux’-fame). Some good advice on how to construct a communication campaign and to go about your household chores: Did you know that listening to Jazz while hoovering the floor makes you do it more thoroughly? Emelie’s comment: Is it science? At least it’s done in a lab.


BTW: Nothing beats Queen when it comes to weird cross-dressing, moustache-sporting dammsugare-action, of course. Student advisory: Queen was a British rock/pop-band established in 1971. Which means: They’re older than me but younger than Philip 😉



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