Five things I wish I’d known…

One of the joys of studying at University is that you never really know which bits will be useful for your future career.

Should I have been listening more carefully when that dull lecturer was going on and on about….?

If only I’d realised how useful it would have been to read that big, thick, boring book…

Who best to answer these questions than our recents graduates who have gone on to greater things. To set the ball rolling SK Uncut talked to Mikael Blomqwist (@blomqwist), who graduated in Strategic Communication Digital Media earlier this year.

Mikael’s award-winning bachelor thesis helped him land a job as digital project leader with Cloetta.

Here’s what he said:

Five things I should have known before starting my work:

  1. …that so many people still see social media activities in a quantitative way and only value the amount of “likes” and viral spread. They don’t really understand the long-term effects or the function of CRM
  2. …that Excel is an underestimated tool for planning and I wish that I had better knowledge of all its functions
  3. …that outdoor advertising and TVC (television commercials) still are considered, within the marketing industry, as some of the most efficient ways to communicate a message to a large group of people in short time
  4. …that developing Facebook applications is a sought knowledge which is useful in almost every online campaign
  5. …that everything takes a lot more time than estimated when you’re going to implement a new project in a large corporation

Thanks, Mikael!

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