Writer’s block? Welcome to #AcWriMo

November comes with high hopes. For some, it’s an excuse to grow a moustache. A men’s health campaign of sorts. For others, or more specifically academics, it’s apparently a time for the stuff we’re suppose to do – writing. But only more so. The AcWriMo-campaign came about last year and has grown into a social media movement where researchers alike publically declare how much he or she intends to write during the month’s 30 days. Writing goals flourishes on Twitter (#AcWriMo) and a not so definite yet highly interesting Google-doc is circulating where you find certain academics’ writing goals and their day-to-day progress. The movement, gathering 350 researchers last year, is like “a giant, global academic, aerobics session”, as one blogger commented. Visit the official website for a more detailed story (including the rules!). The Guardian ran an interesting article on the subject as well.

Considering how stressful the academic culture is perhaps such pressure might end up defeating its own purpose, sucking the joy out of the very thing it supposedly advocates – writing. Perhaps it is easier to grow moustaches.

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