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Just back from watching the excellent documentary movie THE BRUS$€LS BUSINESS with the first-year-students in the bachelor Strategic Communication. Some questions afterwards.

1) What was the movie again? The trailer for the movie can be viewed here.

2) Where can we get the movie to watch it again? The website for the movie is here:

3) I didn’t get everything. If there are a couple of students who want to watch the video again in a smaller room with better sound, we can organize that. Just approach me or drop me a line. We have to do it on campus because our educational license is limited to campus screening only. It’s important to support small and independent film-makers.

Have your critical instincts been aroused? Do you want to know more? The watchdog organization portrayed in the movie has a website with a lot of material:

The European Services Forum, which is also portrayed in the movie, is a little bit more secretive; its website doesn’t work. But there is a Wikipedia entry:


I am not too keen on the phrase “viral video” for a lot reasons, but this is worth a look.

Does it work? Does it get its message across? And did it matter that the Melbourne’s Metro Trains managed a campaign viewed by 27,000,000 people in a week? (That’s seven times the population of the greater Melbourne area….).

Source: Mumbrella
Melbourne’s Metro Trains launches ‘dumb ways to die’ campaign to curb preventable train-related deaths

Max Lennartsson is webbanalytiker at Helsingborgs stad.

Five things I wish I would have known:

1. How much employers value experience. Do the right thing and get job besides your studies.
2. Corporate communication among practitioners differs from the way academics look upon it. Corporate communication moves up and down micro, meso and macro stages in way which is hard to describe.
3. To the great extent of how much academic writing is non attractive. Just to be a good writer in either way, practical or academic is good enough.
4. Digital communications is still very new to my employer. People don’t know as much as you think.
5. I wish I had learned more practical things in how to handle digital media in my work. We got an extensive theoretical knowledge.

Further desperate attempts to come to grips with postmodernism. I KNOW I’M 25 YEARS LATE! Resorting to reading blogs. Ended up on a blog titled vera icona. Studying “capitalism, postmodern apocalypse and the love of god”. Stumbled. Upon this.











Something significant here. Profound insight about the postmodern condition; probably. Or the post-postmodern condition; more likely. JUST CAN’T PUT MY FINGER ON IT! Is there a connection with university education, maybe? Philip, can’t you do something about David Bowie?