Start the Week v7: Lifestreaming and Bodyform

Speaking at the NEMO conference Remco Vroom mentioned the Quantified Self movement – people who try to capture data streams about themselves. This can range from geotagging movements through to weight, heart rate and exercise patterns (Fitbit etc) to much more detailed records. Others want to capture more and more of their lives visually (think Instagram); now a Stockholm start-up, Memoto is taking this further by offering tiny, always-on cameras.

At the same time, social media encourages us to share more and more personal data, and this brings risks. In the UK this is Get Safe Online week.

There is no doubt about the biggest talking point of the week…

MyNewsDesk has the inside story.

And finally…. In some classes we have talked about Downfall as an example of remediation: here, Hitler learns about Tyskland 4 Sverige 4. He is a little disappointed…

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