Wild Turkey!

Istanbul was the place to be for PR thinkers last weekend and Campus Helsingborg was well represented at the Euprera 2012 Annual Congress.

Conferences are an important way of academic keeping up with the latest developments in theory and practice, and each year the European Public Relations Education and Research Association brings together some exciting speakers to share new knowledge and drive debate (preferably somewhere warm and sunny, with good bars and restaurants).

Campus Helsingborg delegates included Susanna Magnusson, right, who presented research on Frontline Public Relations Practitioners: Trust-building through multicultural competence and dialogue, which looked at the fraught relationship between the emergency services and some communities in Malmö.

Maria Rosen presented From Ad-Man To Digital Manager: How Strategic Communication Became A Professional Project

Jesper Falkheimer  and Mats Heide spoke on From Public Relations To Strategic Communication-Approaching Professionalization

Åsa Thelander was joined by Service Management colleague Filippa Säwe for Art Events As A Communication Strategy In Place Branding

Philip Young talked on Curation: Frameworks For A Robust Definition

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