Twitter: How a little bird helps PR students…

You can now follow SK: Uncut on Twitter…. you guessed it, we are @SKUncutCHbg. We are also using the hashtag #skchbg when we see something that might be interesting to Uncutters, and it would be great if you did, too!

If you are not yet using Twitter as a way of studying PR and Strategic Communications, may be you should do. You will find links to lots of interesting content, and you can also get involved in conversations with some very exciting people.

Take care, though. It is always difficult to separate work and career from your social life, so think about creating a separate Twitter account focused on PR and communications, and see it as part of building the online CV that will land you a great job when you leave Campus Helsingborg.

To get you started, Philip Young tweets as @mediations and NEMO conference keynoter Neville Hobson is @jangles. NEMO is @NEMOCampusHBG

English language tweeters I would recommend include



@prconversations (Check out the list of people they follow – lots of inspiring Tweeters)




If you have a PR/Comms focuse blog or Twitter account, post a comment here, message @mediations or email sk.uncut(at) and we will add a link to this site.

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