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When you’re in Strategic Communication you cannot but admire Apple. The myth, the brand, the company seems to defy every rule in the book. The company is totally intransparent in its communication. It doesn’t do Corporate Social Responsibility. It innovates but at the same time stifles innovation by showering competitors with lawsuits. It squeezes suppliers in a way that IKEA couldn’t get away with. But everybody loves Apple.

Or could it be that we simply love our iPhones, iPads, iMacs and don’t want to know why expensive phones aren’t even more expensive?

Clausewitz, the Prussian military theorist to whom I always turn for clever quotes, once wrote that the rules in the books exist for the genius to ridicule. That is certainly true for Apple, the late Steve Jobs and the Public Relations-book. Apple’s greatest invention might well be the milky-white-and-silver non-stick super-teflon brand coating. Neither dirt nor blood seems to stick with Apple.

But the recent riot in the factory of Foxconn (or Hon Hai) once again raises the question whether the apple is rotten under the shiny surface. Foxconn is the Chinese company that actually builds the new iPhone 5. On Monday, production in its 79,000-worker-megaplant in Taiyuan came to a halt. Wall Street held its breath. Production was resumed after riot police moved in and broke up the protest which is said to have comprised 2,000 workers. You can read about the event as it was reported here:

C’Net: Apple supplier Foxconn confirms worker riot at Taiyuan factory.


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Istanbul was the place to be for PR thinkers last weekend and Campus Helsingborg was well represented at the Euprera 2012 Annual Congress.

Conferences are an important way of academic keeping up with the latest developments in theory and practice, and each year the European Public Relations Education and Research Association brings together some exciting speakers to share new knowledge and drive debate (preferably somewhere warm and sunny, with good bars and restaurants).

Campus Helsingborg delegates included Susanna Magnusson, right, who presented research on Frontline Public Relations Practitioners: Trust-building through multicultural competence and dialogue, which looked at the fraught relationship between the emergency services and some communities in Malmö.

Maria Rosen presented From Ad-Man To Digital Manager: How Strategic Communication Became A Professional Project

Jesper Falkheimer  and Mats Heide spoke on From Public Relations To Strategic Communication-Approaching Professionalization

Åsa Thelander was joined by Service Management colleague Filippa Säwe for Art Events As A Communication Strategy In Place Branding

Philip Young talked on Curation: Frameworks For A Robust Definition